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Now you’ve picked out the perfect gift, it’s time to wrap it up just as perfectly! We sourced some easy tips, to ensure you’ll want to display your presents under the tree.

The Canberra Centre’s expert wrapper gave us the lowdown on how to wrap the perfect gift:

  • Don’t settle for flimsy wrapping paper with cheesy patterns. Go for a sturdier paper, something that will fold firmly and is high quality. This also ensures it will stay wrapped until Christmas morning.
  • Don’t use too much paper! Only use what you need. This will avoid bulky, badly wrapped presents and will save paper.
  • Use simple colours and patterns. Christmas is crazy enough without over-the-top wrapping paper. Monochromatic or simple patterned paper is ideal and will look fabulous under the tree.
  • Jazz up your gift with Christmas coloured ribbons, such as gold, red or green. This will add a festive pop to your presents. If you’re after something a little more rustic, use twine.
  • Instead of writing out a whole Christmas card that will likely be thrown out, use gift tags. They’re cute, concise and don’t break the budget. You can even make your own for a nice homemade touch.
  • If you’re not keen on traditional wrapping paper, try using a tea-towel, a scarf or your kids’ artwork for a fun alternative.

Owner of Oliver Thom, Kaety Thompson, says to choose gift wrapping that follows a similar colour scheme to the gift:

  • Try adding texture to make it look extra special. You can do this by pairing luxurious tissue paper with fabrics.
  • In lieu of bows, top the gift with leaves or a sprig of greenery.
  • Choose a fresh scent or perfume to spray lightly on top of your gift box or spray it lightly over the wrapping paper. This will give your gifts a signature tone and your beautiful wrapping will be a stand out.

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