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Young women more reluctant to have COVID-19 vaccination

Young women aged 18–24 years have shown to be the most reluctant demographic in Australia to get the COVID-19 vaccination, according to a new study released today by the Australian National University (ANU).

The longitudinal study shows that 43% of young women say they will get the jab, compared to more than half (62%) of men in the same age group who are keen to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

People aged 65 years and over are the most willing to be vaccinated at 80%, and almost two-thirds of Australians (64%) indicated they would get the COVID jab at the first available opportunity.

“We found people – regardless of ethnicity, age and gender – who have greater confidence in state and the Federal governments are more willing to be vaccinated,” ANU Professor Kate Reynolds said. 

Professor Reynolds said that it appears that social cohesion also matters; they found key drivers of getting vaccinated for COVID-19 included when people had a sense of belonging in their neighbourhood, and a belief that people are being treated fairly.

The research could assist the government in getting reluctant groups and the undecided over the line. 

“It shows us trust in the government and social cohesion are important,” Professor Reynolds said. 

“If young women have been put off the government because of the handling of sexual harassment and political culture, then they could well turn off engaging about vaccination.”

About 30% of young women aged 18-24 reported confidence in the federal government, which was notably lower than the rest of the population at 47%.  

When it comes to vaccine hesitancy, around two in 10 (21% of) Australians perceived serious risks of being vaccinated, and 16.5% were not willing to receive the COVID-19 vaccination as soon as it is possible.

To longitudinal study is published today:


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