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Saturday, July 24, 2021

WIN! Calming Blankets bundle

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a beautiful, handmade blanket, courtesy of Calming Blankets – one of Australia’s highest-quality, science-driven weighted blankets. Its weighted nature mimics deep tissue stimulation, which can have a calming effect and help you fall and stay asleep.

Thanks to Calming Blankets, CW is giving away a Beauty Sleep Bundle, to help pamper Mum this Mother’s Day. This gorgeous set includes a Hand-Woven Calming Blanket – made from a soft, knitted cotton blend – and a stylish pink, 100% Mulberry silk eye mask. This beautiful bundle is valued at $449.

Visit calmingblankets.com.au for more information.


To enter, email [email protected] with ‘Calming Blankets’ in the subject field. Tell us your name, full contact details (including best delivery address) and what the blanket’s weighted nature mimics. Entries close 9am Friday 7 May 2021 and winner drawn same day. One entry per person. Entrants must be aged 18+.

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