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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Where I Stand launches new Kambri outdoor exhibition space

A highly innovative new permanent outdoor exhibition space at Kambri ANU has been brought to life this week with a fascinating exhibition of Australian photography titled Where I Stand.

Taking place along Exhibition Avenue, a new outdoor public art space set along University Avenue, ANU, Where I Stand features 24 works from six artists on display 24/7, illuminated by solar lights at night.

The exhibition has been produced by aMBUSH Gallery and curated in partnership by aMBUSH’s Bill Dimas and Head on Photo Festival Director Moshe Rosenzveig OAM.

The 24 intensely personal works take viewers into realms of transformation, rebirth, identity, history, nature, connection and the Dreamtime.

Canberra photographer based in Wamboin, Dr Judith Crispin, has four works displayed in Where I Stand.

Crispin’s photographs are intricate, complex and time-consuming works of art. Taken as very long exposures – averaging 50 hours per work – Crispin utilises a number of “antiquarian photography processes reconstructing chemistry processes” to create them.

“Bearing in mind I don’t know anything about chemistry and have had a few colossal disasters along the way, accidentally creating cyanide gas … It’s a highly controlled process that smells terrible,” she told Canberra Weekly.

The processes Crispin uses are lumen printing – exposing dark room paper to light; chemigram – using photo chemicals to create detail; cliché verre (glass painting) – with layers of sticks, leaves, resin, paint; and pencil drawing to etch on any final details.

“It is photography given the word means light painting; these colours and images are being created using light and photochemistry.

Having developed the techniques and style herself through trial and error since 2017, Crispin recently obtained funding to further develop her practice.

“I’m making big steps forward now thanks to a grant from Arts ACT allowing me to build a five-and-a-half metre geodesic camera.

“Because of protection this dome will offer from elements, I’ll be able to make prints with larger exposure and larger animals,” she said.

Crispin said she’s a big fan of how the exhibition is being displayed outdoors, describing it as “egalitarian”.

“I’m a huge believer in galleries and the art world, but there’s no doubt some people feel excluded by that.

“I’ve spoken to many people like that, so this type of exhibition where everything is outdoors is really inclusive and gives everyone a chance to be involved,” she said.

Crispin recently had works displayed in a similar fashion in the Auckland CBD and said the public response was immensely positive.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had such a positive response to a show … I was contacted by so many New Zealanders who were so warm and interested.”

Where I Stand is on display at Exhibition Avenue, Kambri, ANU until 31 October; find more information here.

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