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What do you think of plans for the new Woden interchange?

The public can now comment on the development application for Woden’s new public transport interchange on Callam Street, which will be constructed later this year.

The new interchange will integrate up to 18 bus stops and eventually a light rail platform.

The development application is available online for the next 14 days, listed under Phillip.

Chris Steel, Minister for Skills, Transport and City Services, encouraged Canberra residents to visit the website, view the plans, and have their say.

Design for the new Woden interchange. Picture: ACT Government.

Mr Steel said the ACT Government was committed to better public transport and the new interchange would improve public transport connectivity to Woden.

It is also the first stage of the CIT Woden project. The new transport facility will replace the 49-year-old bus interchange, and the new CIT campus will be built on the site of the existing bus interchange.

The new CIT campus is expected to open in 2025, and 6,500 students are expected to attend.

“Woden will be transformed into a modern, vibrant and well-connected town centre with a new CIT campus, and a passenger-friendly public transport interchange next to community and commercial facilities,” Mr Steel said.

Design for the new Woden interchange. Picture: ACT Government.

The government opened community consultation in December. Findings showed that the community wanted ample protection and shelter from the weather; green spaces; and a safer, better signed, and accessible interchange.

This has informed the Development Application submissions for the new interchange, and associated bus layovers and road upgrades, which were submitted earlier this month. 

“The community has spoken, and their concerns and suggestions were heard,” Mr Steel said.

He said the ACT Government would consider a new north/south road connection through Woden by connecting Bradley Street with Bowes Street.

According to Mr Steel, Woden would no longer be “a concrete jungle”; instead, trees would be planted and an additional canopy cover with green spaces built at the new interchange.

Design for the new Woden interchange. Picture: ACT Government.

After consultation with bus drivers, appropriate toilet facilities would be built at the new layovers on Launceston and Easty Streets.

Construction on bus layovers and road upgrades is likely to commence in the coming months, and on the public transport interchange in the third quarter of 2021.

The project is part of the ACT Government’s $14 billion Infrastructure Plan and commitment to grow the Territory’s employment base to 250,000 by 2025. The interchange project will employ more than 520 local construction workers.

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