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Friday, May 14, 2021

Water workout

Over the summer months using water, such as a pool, for a training session is a great idea and the rewards are well worth it.

The great thing about hopping in the pool is you can get a great workout in 30 minutes without having to spend hours swimming lap after lap.

Training in water has a huge range of benefits such as increasing muscle strength, flexibility and alleviating pressure on joints; it is low-impact and also multi directional for full body movement as well as useful for rehabilitation.

This week I have created a workout that is good for your cardio health and easy to include balance and strength. So, water you waiting for?

30-minute pool session

  1. Shallow end walking on the spot x 3 mins
  2. Standing calf raises – place your hands on the edge of the pool if you need a little help with balance and rise up onto your toes and lower down x 20
  3. Walking shallow end to deep end (water to shoulders) doing high knees x 3 mins
  4. Running arm action (under water) – keep elbows tight by your side as you do the running action x 30 seconds x 5 sets
  5. Walking backward from shallow water to deep water – turn around and walk backwards x 3 mins
  6. Holding breath sits – take a deep breath and sit on the bottom of the pool (while under the water, slowly let your breath out and when out of breath come back up – count to 10 seconds and then improve it if you can) x 5
  7. Tea bags – standing on the side of the pool with water chest depth, place your hands flat on the top edge of the pool – press up with your arms so your body comes out of the pool and your arms are straight and then lower your body back into the water x 15
  8. Standing jumps – with the water just above your waist, squat down and then jump up out of the water as far as you can x 10
  9. Standing heel kicks – kick your heels up to your bottom x 20

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