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Wait to donate as bins overflow

Donation bins are overflowing as local residents declutter over the summer months and, while charities are grateful for the items, people are being encouraged to wait to donate if the bins are full.

Rick Mulhall, general manager for The Smith Family’s Recycling Operation, said every effort is made to empty their clothing bins on a regular basis to reduce potential overflow of donated goods.

“This is our busiest time of year for donations and we thank the community for their generosity,” Mr Mulhall said. “The more good-quality items we can sell through our stores, the more funds we can direct to The Smith Family’s education programs to help disadvantaged young Australians. We do our very best to clear the bins every day (including public holidays), so your patience is appreciated.”

He said all items, both inside and outside the bins, are collected and “every item is evaluated and, wherever possible, is recycled”. In 2017-18, eight million kilograms (8,000 tonnes) of material was diverted from landfill and reused or on-sold through The Smith Family’s retail, wholesale and export channels.

However, Mr Mulhall reiterated the importance of people using the donation bins correctly. The Smith Family accepts the donation of good quality, new or near-new, clean, usable clothes, accessories and bedding. They are unable to accept broken, damaged items or stained clothing and do not accept white goods, electrical items or mattresses.

“Overall, dumping costs for the last financial year were over $1m NSW/ACT-wide, reducing the amount of funds we have to support the educational outcomes of disadvantaged Australian children,” he said.

To find a Smith Family clothing bin closest to you or to report any issues with a Smith Family clothing bin, please contact 1300 737 166.

Looking to donate? In addition to donation bins, consider donating your items in person to the Salvos, Vinnies, The Green Shed, independent op-shops or head online to givit.org.au/items-needed

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