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Visit Uganda: the ‘Pearl of Africa’

Known as the ‘Pearl of Africa’ since Sir Winston Churchill visited in 1908, Uganda is a true hidden treasure waiting patiently to be found by tourists.

Putting that statement in a more contemporary context requires one to reflect on why that term was and is still used.

The history of pearls as items of great value is widely known but perhaps less so is the process by which pearls were acquired.

silverback gorilla in the forrest
Bwindi Impenetrable Park, in southern Uganda, is home to the world’s largest population of silverback gorillas.

A few years before that statement was published, pearling was a particularly booming industry in Australia, which was not unknown to Sir Winston.

Pearling at the time required diving into the ocean, holding one’s breath long enough to feel for clams and retrieving them to see if they had a precious pearl within.

The landlocked country beside Kenya is blessed by nature in all corners and while you might not be able to go pearling for clams, you’re invited to go pearling for the best of everything – from national parks to water sports.  

In the east, the mighty River Nile pours out of the great Lake Victoria, locally known as Nalubaale. Courageous tourists are welcomed to experience the best of the Nile with white water rafting in Jinja.  

white water rafting in the nile
Thrill seekers can experience the best of the River Nile with white water rafting in Jinja.

Making your way to the west of Uganda, you could climb the mountains of the moon to discover the snow-capped peaks of Rwenzori.

Down south you will discover the Bwindi Impenetrable Park, home to the largest population of silverback gorillas, which are not to be found anywhere else in such large numbers and at such close proximity.

Pearl further south to find the deepest crater lakes in the region in Bunyonyi, known for its green hills and variety of bird species.

In the north of the country is where you will find the Kidepo Valley which is an escarpment of the great Rift Valley – roaming within is an astoundingly wide variety of wild animals – great for game tracking and safari.

If it is total cultural immersion you’re after, the central region is where you want to go. Here you will discover the pearls in hospitality and community.

Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa and more pearls can be found on the Uganda Tourism Board website at www.visituganda.com

Come visit the Pearl of Africa and go pearling the Ugandan way!

Ndere dance troop of Uganda
See the mesmerising Ndere dance troop of Uganda.

W: visituganda.com | ugandahighcommissionaustralia.org

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