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Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Upgrades for ACT Ambulance Service

Three new emergency service vehicles join the fleet at ACT Ambulance Service (ACTAS), set to hit ACT roads by the end of the month.

The vehicles complete the ACT Government’s $14.3 million commitment to the ACTAS, which included 10 new vehicles and 30 additional paramedics in the Territory.

ACT Minister for Policing and Emergency Services, Mick Gentleman, said he was pleased to be supporting ACTAS with its services.

“By the end of July, all ACT Ambulances will be fitted with state-of-the-art equipment including new radios and electric Stryker stretches. These are designed to reduce physical strain on paramedics, drive efficiency and enhance patient comfort,” he said.

“The rollout of the three new vehicles is in addition to the seven already on the roads, including six for frontline personnel and one for non-emergency patient transport (NEPT).”

Chief Officer ACT Ambulance Service, Howard Wren, said the upgrades would be of great benefit to the local community.

“This upgrade has and will continue to benefit the health, safety and wellbeing of our paramedics and our patients,” he said.

“ACTAS already operates with some of the best response times in the country, and these major investments will ensure our paramedics are well equipped to support the Canberra community when they need it most.”

A new ACTAS Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) was signed today, Monday 13 July, which Mr Gentleman said would allow ACTAS to continue delivering state-of-the-art services to the Canberra community.

“The new ACTAS EBA includes investments in staffing, employment opportunities and health, wellbeing and safety initiatives,” he said.

“A nominated workforce planning committee will help develop solutions around rostering, annual leave and flexible work arrangements for ACT paramedics.

“The agreement also creates career development opportunities by offering ambulance paramedics access to a revised career progression pathway in the form of a new Level 2 classification, which will help further modernise the workforce.”

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