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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

UC to allow late withdrawal from units without academic penalty

Responding to a request from the University’s Student Representative Council (UCSRC), the University of Canberra (UC) will allow students to withdraw from their units up until the exam period commences.

Students who withdraw from a unit before midnight on this Sunday 17 May will not be penalised academically and will receive a “withdrawn-late” grade against the unit on their transcript. Students will still be required to pay for any units they’ve withdrawn from after the University’s census date, which this year was 6 March.

“The University takes students’ concerns raised with us seriously,” said UC Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President, Academic, Professor Geoff Crisp.

“And as with all the decisions we have taken during this crisis, we maintained a considered and mindful approach to the circumstances and difficulties experienced by our diverse student cohort and responded accordingly.”

The University’s website states alternate assessments have been arranged for 80% of courses for semester one, as part of a “measured approach” towards the exam period.  

“We understand that the COVID-19 crisis has affected everyone in our community and we want to take whatever steps necessary to ensure that students are not academically disadvantaged and that the University’s academic integrity is not compromised due to the adjustments we have all had to make so far this year,” Professor Crisp said.

The Australian National University (ANU) has allowed for similar measures, with students able to “withdraw without failure” before 10 June, the day before the exam period commences.

According to the ANU website, formal, in-person exams will not take place, with assessments to be adapted so they can be completed remotely.

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