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Uber welcomes Canberra pets on board

Canberra pets: this could be you!

Calling all Canberra pets! Roll down those windows and get ready to feel the wind in your ears, because you’re now allowed to hit the road with your humans when they catch an Uber round town.

Ride share giant Uber have announced Uber Pet will be expanding to more Australian cities and towns – Canberra included – so your furry friend can book a ride alongside you, wherever you need to go, whenever you need to go (they’re hoping it’s a jaunt  to the park and not a trip to the vet).

Following successful trial runs in both Sydney and Melbourne, the Uber Pet option will be available to Canberrans from today, 25 June, just in time for ‘bring your dog to work day’ tomorrow, Friday 26 June. Simply select the pet-friendly option on the app, and you will be matched with a driver who is happy to transport you and your cuddly companion to your destination.

Trips with your pet will cost you an extra $6-7 on top of the regular fare.

Uber Australia says the pet-friendly option is designed to “give pet lovers peace of mind that their much-loved companions will be welcomed along for a comfortable and reliable ride”.

“Debut them at ‘pet Fridays’ at the office, drop by a doggy yoga class, or pop into a local pet-friendly pub – knowing there’s a reliable, convenient and safe way for both of you to get from A to B, at the push of a button.”

The announcement will no doubt be welcomed by those who rely on ride sharing services and/or public transport to get around the city, and their pets.

For those with service or assistance animals, including guide dogs, Uber says you can continue to use the app as normal, as “assistance animals are legally allowed to go everywhere their owner goes”.

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