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Tulip Top digital series goes live

What started with a simple question to their Facebook followers has ended with a digital season pass to Tulip Top Gardens this spring.

The popular tourist attraction at Sutton, just north of the ACT, has launched the first of five digital videos featuring tulip tours, time-lapse photography and drone footage, after making the decision not to open to the public this season due to COVID restrictions.   

Marketing and administration manager, Molly Rhodin, said it was a package to be enjoyed by people in the Canberra region and around Australia or the world.

“In all honesty, it’s only $20 for a digital season pass so you can sit and have a cup of tea or a glass of wine and enjoy it,” she said.

“It’s such easy access they can watch over and over. You are a button press away from watching time-lapse photography. It’s perfect and beautiful.”

The family-owned and run venue decided to go digital after being delivered the news earlier this year that only 20 people would be permitted at the venue at one time in line with COVID-19 restrictions.

In a Facebook post asking their followers if they would engage with a digital experience, they received over 900 comments of support and nearly 500 shares.

Growing from there, the Gardens have teamed up with local Canberra business, Sanguineti Media, to deliver a five-part digital experience to guests.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for Canberrans to support a local media company and tourist attraction and enjoy the best of spring,” Ms Rhodin said.  

“There is beauty out there in the community and we need to take a second to slow down and appreciate it.”

Weekly videos will be released until 11 October, and guests can expect interviews with the Rhodin family who make it all happen – including Bill Rhodin, ‘The Lazy Gardener’ who will be delivering some tips and tricks.

‘The Lazy Gardener’ Bill Rhodin has plenty of garden tips and tricks to share with digital season pass members. Picture supplied.

Over 450 people have already signed up for the digital experience, but customers are welcome to pay the one-off $20 fee at any time during the season and will receive access to all videos.

Ms Rhodin said subscribers had come from as far as Ontario, Canada.

“I had someone email me from WA telling us it was the best thing they had seen advertised and to thank us because she would usually visit every year,” she said.

“I have been getting messages like that from Melbourne and Queensland as well, and even had someone sign up from Ontario in Canada yesterday.”

Customers will also be delighted to know the Gardens’ annual calendar will still be released for 2021, with guests’ images from 2019.

Interested customers can sign up to the digital season pass, or purchase a calendar online.

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