Trends for the start of the decade


What’s trending for the start of the decade?

As we head into a new year, and a new decade, we look forward to the upcoming year. Global ‘inspo’ site Pinterest puts together a 2020 forecast every year, the Pinterest 100, which takes a look at the trends tipped to be hot. For 2020, they’re predicting some big things for the fashion and beauty space

billy porter wearing a tuxedo dress to start the decade
Pose star Billy Porter made waves on the Oscars red carpet in February 2019, in a tuxedo dress by Christian Siriano. Getty.

Gender-neutral: Pinterest says demand for gender-neutral options is on the rise. They say Gen Zers tend to expect more gender-neutral options, while people are searching more for gender-neutral options for “both everyday needs and milestone events”. Searches for unisex kids’ clothes are up 119%, androgynous wedding wear up 51%, tuxedo dresses up 99% and searches for gender-neutral haircuts increased by 625%.

Sustainability: It’s not surprising that people are looking towards more “conscious consumption” and to reduce waste. Pinterest says searches for thrifted wedding dresses and second-hand fashion are both up, at 41% and 38% respectively.

Wellness: People are looking for ways to incorporate wellness into their everyday life, with a range of searches on the rise. These include: social media detox (+314%), mood-booster playlists (+85%), and embracing being single (+49%). There is also a big push towards getting outside and into nature, to lower stress levels and increase energy. Searches for hiking fashion are up 108% – think layers and boots, designed for comfort.

Out of this world: Space-related searches are up, for everything from parties to STEM activities. For the fashion conscious, Pinterest has seen increased interest in clothing with NASA logos, constellation piercings, space tattoos and planet-inspired makeup – think purples, blues and blacks.

‘90s revival: The ‘90s are back, baby! Nostalgia reigns supreme, with searches for grunge fashion (+292%), lip gloss and liner (+144%), hair clips 90s (+930%), 90s braids hairstyles (+329%), 90s streetwear (+277%) and scrunchies (+6,309%) all way up, with no signs of slowing down.

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