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What’s hot this year? Here are some of the hottest trends tipped to be big in 2019, according to the experts.

Home design platform Houzz has released their top design trends for 2019, citing colour, bold statements and indoor-outdoor living.

  • Striking wall treatments: Vertical surfaces are set to be a new design frontier in homes. From walls to island benches, we will continue to see a more creative approach to these facings, such as half-round oak dowels used to great effect on island bench fronts, shiplap cladding used in exciting new ways, and wool as a wall covering.
  • Pastel kitchens: Professionals on Houzz are seeing an increased demand for pastel-coloured kitchen cabinets. ‘Millennial pink’ made major inroads into decor in 2018, opening the way for other pastel-based hues, including baby blues, green washes and soft greys. Proving to be a safe way to include colour in the kitchen, pastels are likely to rival all-white kitchens in popularity this year and beyond.
sw-architects, Sam Noonan Photography.
  • Statement vanities: Expect bathrooms to take over from kitchens as the key place to stamp your style. Watch for the rise of statement vanities; whether personalised with statement handles, showcase original joinery or painted in bold, saturated colour. Plain white and laminate surfaces will take a back seat, while the design-savvy step up and express their creativity in new ways.
  • Indoor-outdoor: The look of exterior furniture will move closer to that of interior furniture. Webbed detailing, sling-back chairs and turned legs on tables will be embraced by the fashion-forward. Those who desire relaxed outdoor living are likely to forgo large dining settings and instead turn over their space to living room-like arrangements by choosing roomy modular sofas, accompanying coffee tables and statement armchairs.
  • The rise of the pod: Timber-clad pods have been popular as a way to add a separate backyard room, granny flat, teenage retreat or studio in recent years. Now we’re seeing pod-like shapes attached to or inside homes. We suspect rounded pods will continue to pop up in the centre of otherwise conventional spaces.
  • Calming colours: The desire for physical and mental wellbeing will increasingly be expressed via soothing palettes that soften our environment and give us the measure of serenity we seek. Muted, chalky hues will grow in popularity with greens – from mint to sage – leading the charge, backed up by watermelon, subdued apricot and soft tans. Matte finishes will continue to rule the roost.
Carrera by Design, Three Birds Renovations.
  • Designed secondary spaces: We’re seeing every inch of space utilised in the home by integrating deliberate features into any forgotten areas. The design approach to such spaces calls attention to them, rather than allowing them to recede into the background. Think alcoves turned into wine storage, under-stair areas becoming play spaces for children, display elements in disused areas, functional joinery built into narrow spaces and corners transformed into eye-catching studies.

Focus on Furniture stylist Melissa Gullifer says Australians will be focusing on sustainability in home design this year. Her top trend predictions are:

  • Colour: Matte black seems to be moving from fashion to interiors. Expect to see bold, high-contrast furniture designs such as luxurious marble and black steel or black leather and deep, brown timbers. Move over rose gold; traditional metallic gold is going to make a major comeback in 2019, with dark, bright gold pairing with raw, natural finishes.
  • Sustainability: Australians are more conscious about ending the ‘war on waste’. Retail companies are also looking for new ways to improve their environmental processes and we’ve seen a massive trend towards customers looking for companies who are taking this seriously.
  • Earthy tones and greenery: Timber finishes are the perfect way to let the outdoors in and feel a little summery all-year round. Indoor plants continue to be on trend.

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