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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Training at home

The world we are living in is changing rapidly, and as our editor says: “It’s life, Lee, but not as we know it”.

As we enter uncharted waters, it’s important to try and keep your health, fitness and families a priority. If you have to spend time at home and cannot head out to exercise, this might be the time to set up a home gym and start to train at home.

Take some time to understand why you’re training – general health and fitness, weight loss, strength program – to help you determine the best exercises for you and what equipment you might need.

The key to a good home gym is to make it a functional area that’s not overcrowded with equipment you’ll never use; do not impulse buy and steer clear of big bulky machines that take up lots of space.

The basic pieces of equipment you could look at purchasing include:

  • Mat
  • Med ball
  • Skipping rope
  • Dumbbells
  • Flat bench (this can be used for step-ups, dips, bench presses, etc.)
  • Weighted bars

The workout for this week is cardio and body weight-based, designed to work your entire body, using the equipment listed above.

Find a space in which you can stand up and lie down, with good light and fresh air. You can get the whole family involved in this workout; just modify some of the exercises to make them easier for the kids!

Family fun workout

  • 1 min skipping x 1 minute
  • 15 x step-ups (each leg)
  • 20 x push-ups (on your knees to make it easier)
  • 10 x dips
  • 20 x sit-ups
  • 20 x bicep curls (using the weight bar)
  • 10 x med ball slams
  • 10 x seated dumbbell shoulder press (each arm)
  • 10 min walk with the family

TIP: You can each do an exercise for 30 seconds and then switch for a fun family circuit-style workout!

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