Perfect Summer brows

close up of womans eye and brow

Benefit’s national brow artist, Hannah Mutze, shares some top tips for the perfect summer brows:

  • Book a brow appointment several days before a big event, to allow time for post-wax redness to fade and your tint to settle in.
  • Book a spray tan for a couple days after your brow appointment; waxing afterwards will remove the tan.
  • Invest in a waterproof clear setting gel to create a polished finish and to set and secure your brows in place.
  • Water resistant formulas are a must! Ensure your brow pencil can survive a summer heatwave to avoid any smudging.
  • Avoid a block out with texturising brow gels. Blocked brows can look too harsh and heavy for the warmer months.
  • Keep slant-tip tweezers on hand for a quick tidy in between your shaping appointments. Remove hairs one by one to avoid any mishaps, use a pencil to trace the shape of your brows, removing only the hairs outside the lines.
  • Try a brow tint. The colour is customised to suit and lasts up to four weeks.
  • Layer formulas for all day wear and a dramatic finish. Define and shape using the pencil, then apply a light layer of powder on top for all day drama.
  • For a softer look, try going a shade lighter with your brow pencil during summer.  

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