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Top designers share their trends for 2021

Curves, textures, wall and ceiling detail, metals, and neutrals with a pop of colour – that’s the direction for interior design trends for 2021.

One of Australia’s leading interior designers Greg Natale from Greg Natale Designs, and design expert Kate Walker from Kate Walker Design, share their top design elements for consideration of your new year project.

Ceiling style

Greg Natale says in 2021, the ceiling will perform as an essential element in interior design.

“When I’m designing a space, the walls and ceilings are among my first considerations,” he says.

“They’re an essential layer of the architecture, and a wonderful way of introducing pattern into the framework of a room, helping to define its look and add interest and drama.

“Panelling, coffers (recessed panels) and cornices are beautiful design tools that showcase how molding can transform a space.”

Curves continue

Kate says archways are having a revival thanks to architects and designers adding curved doorways, rounded windows, and arched mirrors to their projects.

Look for new ways to add organic shapes inside the homes through archways, decorative patterns, furnishings and accessories with rounded edges and tubular forms.

“Angles all add interest to the structure of a room, and a stunning curved staircase can add a new dimension to a simple space. It just takes clever design and master craftsmanship to bring a vision to life,” Kate says.

Cornice detail

“Cornices can play a key part in a design – and they don’t always need to be white,” says Greg.

“In one of my projects, I painted the cornices black, which not only works to curb the large proportions but also to dramatically define and outline the space.

“I know people are hesitant to outline rooms, but this can work just as effectively in smaller spaces, such as the bedrooms and bathrooms, where painting the cornices black added beautiful definition.”   

Cornices can also play an important role through their subtlety and can be set with ceilings for a smooth, seamless look.

Simple cornicing can also act as a foundation to highlight the interior features like bespoke joinery, textures, paint colours, timber flooring, beautiful lighting, and furnishings. 

The Colour Palette

The most important aspect of choosing colours is to introduce various subtle details that will give a bit more character to a space.

In 2021, colour choices will continue to be inspired by nature and natural materials such as wood, glass, stone, and metal, as well as plant life.

Neutral colours will never go out of style. Blushing peaches and soft pistachios will complement our love for natural, organic materials and are ideal for creating more intimate and welcoming environments.

Open plan for living and working

The future of the home is open plan living with the possibility to have multi-functional rooms. With more and more people working from home, the need to adapt accordingly has never been more important, so in 2021, expect to see designers find new ways to integrate clever working areas into designs.

Adding definition and a unique architectural dimension to delineate space, with differing ceiling heights, a raked ceiling or bulkheads, helps create visual interest and are practical ways to give direction to the free flow of an open plan space or create a new look for an existing home.

With clever design and detailing you can easily add a wow factor to a simple space.  

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