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Friday, June 18, 2021

To the editor: ‘Climate alarmist’ predictions ‘simply not true’

Columnist Gary Humphries (CW, Thursday 3 June 2021) thinks that it is okay to chant the “F…” word at the Prime Minister of Australia. Quite sad really when he also states that global warming is the greatest threat to humanity that requires urgent action. Whilst we freeze yet again in another Canberra winter, with records being broken around the country for low temperatures and record rainfalls, it would be good of Gary to explain to the thousands of Canberra school children that were taught through the documentary The Inconvenient Truth (sic) from Climate “expert” Al Gore how it was never going to snow again and places like the Maldives would be under water by now. Considering this was part of the ACT School Curriculum 15 years ago it seems neither of these predictions have come true. Like another “Climate alarmist”, Australia’s own Tim Flannery, who predicted years ago that our dams were never going to fill again and places like Perth would be ghost cities, our dams are now full and Perth looks like a pretty good place to be, who is holding these “prophets” to account and why are we indoctrinating our vulnerable children with such lies? There also seems to be no evidence of the great sea level rise that was meant to have put many houses underwater on this island continent and for the last 5 years we seem to be getting bumper snow seasons every year, with snow regularly falling in our suburbs. 

Like Gary says, “no matter how strongly we feel about climate change, that outcome is deeply worrying”, so why are we forcing this “climate catastrophe” on our kids when the facts show that alot of it is simply not true. Could it be that it is the main political point of a certain political party and one that they hope would score votes from younger voters who are mercilessly taught this at schools and universities? How about we let kids be kids and young people think for themselves without ramming a particular ideology down the throats that simply seems to come up short every time.

I. Pilsner, Weston

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