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Tiny aims for $2.5 million for local charities

Co-founder of The Green Shed, Goran ‘Tiny’ Srejic says “if you can, you should” – and that’s exactly how he’s approaching his latest venture: Tiny’s 2.5 charity fundraiser.

As he gears up to finish at The Green Shed – which has raised more than $1 million in 10 years for local charities – Tiny has grand plans: to raise $2.5 million for Canberra’s charities in the next five years.

The first instalment, which he hopes will raise $1 million, is Tiny’s Car Challenge, where the top 20 fundraisers will be given the chance to win a brand-new Volkswagen Polo – supplied by Tiny and his wife Elaine – provided they’re the last with their hands on the vehicle. 

“I was watching a TV show where they give away cars, and I thought ‘we could do something different where we raise money for charities’,” Tiny says.  

“Our goal is to raise $1 million through this car … Canberrans, let’s show the rest of Australia we can do it!”

He says the challenge currently has about 20 charities on board, including Hands Across Canberra, with the ultimate goal to have around 100 signed up to benefit from the hard work of local fundraisers.

“The second prize, donated by Kellie from McIntyre Real Estate, is $5,000,” he says. “We estimate it’s [the challenge] going to go for a few days – day and night.”

Tiny is also preparing a documentary that follows the whole process – a 12-part series that will show viewers “how to raise a million bucks”.

“It better work … we can’t change the name of the documentary!”

The next instalment will be the ‘Pumpkin Chunkin’ Trebuchet’ in November, while the third event is yet to be announced. Plans for Tiny’s Talent Quest have been put on hold due to the closure of the AIS Arena.

Tiny’s Car Challenge will take place on 3 September at Canberra Outlet Centre, where the brand-new Volkswagen Polo is already on display. For more information or to register as a charity or a fundraiser, visit the Tiny’s 2.5 website.  

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