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The eyes have it

They are the window to the soul, so ensure your eye area is looking its best!

Eye creams

While the jury is still out on whether eye creams are a necessity – Go-To Skincare’s Zoë Foster Blake is famously anti-eye cream – Sukin’s Cathy Galileos says they are “essential”. She says the eye is surrounded by delicate skin, much thinner than the rest of the face, and so regular use of an eye cream or a serum to keep the area plump and supple is a must!

Similarly, Ella Baché’s Gina Cook says we should be treating the eye area individually from the rest of the face: “We don’t have any oil glands under our eyes and the skin is much more sensitive than anywhere else on our face, that’s why we suggest using lighter products around the eyes to avoid causing skin issues like milia.”

Dark circles and puffiness

The age-old indicators of a bad night’s sleep can be hard to keep at bay. Biologi’s dermal specialist Lucy Macdougald suggests an easy trick the mornings: “Grab two teaspoons out of the kitchen drawer, place them in the fridge for a few minutes and then place them curved side in on your eyes,” she says. “Gently massage the spoons on this area, allowing the cold temperature to tighten swollen skin and stimulating lymphatic drainage which works to eliminate fluid build-up around your eyes.” This can also be done with a face roller: “Place the jade roller in the fridge and then apply a small amount of serum to the face, slowly rolling the jade roller in an upward motion.”

She recommends investing in a Vitamin C serum, which can help reduce the appearance of dark circles, and suggests taking stock of your lifestyle to see if there are any contributing factors there such as lack of or interrupted sleep, diet, and alcohol and caffeine consumption.

“Alcohol and caffeine can also affect the eye area because they both cause dehydration and make dark circles more obvious,” she says. “And the humble salt can cause your body to retain fluid which can cause puffiness and under eye bags.”

Makeup tips

Of course, the number one product for the under-eye area is concealer. Our top tip is to choose a creamy formula that allows you to build coverage where you need it – thicker formulas can ‘cake’ and settle into the lines of your face.

Macdougald says to avoid pink and red eye shadows, as they can actually make you look more tired. “Apply some nude eye liner on the inner rims of your eyes, this is similar to the white eyeliner trick but just looks less harsh,” she says. “Lining eyes with white or nude can make eyes appear larger and give the illusion of whiter eyes.”

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