The ACT has bucked the national trend, with poll votes revealing just over half of Canberrans prefer their Milo to be served hot rather than cold.

Bucking the national trend, the ACT has decided Milo should be served hot – according to a social media survey from Nestlé – although those who prefer it cold were beaten out by a very slim margin.  

According the Nestlé, 52% of Canberra’s votes were for the Aussie staple to be served hot – a surprise to many of us here in the Canberra Weekly office – while every other jurisdiction in the country decided the drink is best served cold (as it should be).

“While we weren’t surprised that those in the north preferred their Milo cold, we didn’t expect that the ACT would be the only place that prefers their Milo hot, well ahead of Tasmania and Victoria,” said Nestlé’s dairy business manager Anna Stewart.

Every single vote out of the Northern Territory was for cold Milo, as was 72% out of Queensland and 67% from South Australia. Two-thirds of those in New South Wales serve theirs with cold milk, along with 61% of Victorians, 60% of Western Australians and just over half of Tasmanians.  

Perhaps if the survey was conducted over summer, the results might tell a different story.

“While there is a clear Aussie favourite, and the results revealed some surprising twists, we couldn’t be happier to see people enjoying it both hot and cold, and seeing the passion for Milo as an iconic part of Australian life after all these generations,” Ms Stewart said.

The rest of Australia prefers their Milo cold.

More women around the country, it seems, prefer their milo to be served hot over cold, with a 55% to 45% split between women and men on the matter.

The high-stakes results were determined by a campaign that ran across Milo’s social media channels, with a total of 90,000 votes cast calculated from poll votes, likes and comments with either #MiloTeamHot or #MiloTeamCold. Share your preference with us in the comments section.

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