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Friday, June 18, 2021

Tenders open for light rail to Woden

Light rail to Woden procurement has begun. The ACT Government has released the first tender for physical works of the single largest infrastructure build in Canberra’s history.

Enabling works to relocate utility assets are now out for contract.  Telecommunications and water utilities will be moved from London Circuit (between Edinburgh Avenue and Constitution Avenue) to Vernon Circle.

Chris Steel, Minister for Transport and City Services, said these essential utility relocation works must be completed before other light rail projects start, such as raising London Circuit in 2022. 

He expected construction to begin as early as August, subject to works approval.

This will ensure that essential services are not disrupted once workers raise London Circuit.

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Some road lanes will be temporarily closed. Changes to traffic will be advertised before works begin, and traffic control will help motorists in construction areas.

The ACT Government is planning how to manage traffic disruption in and around the city once construction begins, Mr Steel said.

Whilst early works will cause some disruption, the most disruptive period will begin in 2022. The Government will provide clear information to business and the community throughout the project to help minimise the impacts.

“Building light rail is going to be very disruptive during construction, but the project will make Canberra a more connected, sustainable, and vibrant city,” Mr Steel said.

The ACT Government’s virtual engagement room will keep Canberrans up to date on the latest project developments for Stage 2 of light rail to Woden.

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