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Take 5: Tiffiny Hall of TIFFXO.com

Canberra Weekly takes five with Tiffiny Hall, founder of online health and fitness program, TIFFXO.com about how the pandemic has changed her routine and the future of workouts …

1 How have you maintained health and fitness during isolation?

I’ve worked out at home using my online fitness program TIFFXO.com. The workouts are fun, achievable and fast (only 20 minutes). I recently launched my ISO RESET challenge which I developed to help motivate myself and others. A specific program designed to keep you fit and healthy in isolation; workouts you can do in your living room any time with just a pair or dumbbells or soup cans. 

2 What’s been the most important aspect of this for you to focus on?

For me it has been controlling the ‘controllables’. I know I can’t control a pandemic, but I can control my nutrition, movement and mindset. So the most important part of this for me has been mindset. I’ve kept consistent with my workouts to give myself a much-needed endorphin boost and to increase the feel good hormone serotonin. I have eaten well to boost immunity and resilience. It’s been about keeping myself strong mentally and physically at a time when being healthy has never been more important.

3 How have you warded off the dreaded ‘iso skin?’

I haven’t. Gosh, my skin has been so congested and dry. I’ve taken a holistic approach of eating well, moving and sweating and then keeping my skincare super simple with a great cleanser and exfoliant to get rid of dead skin. I also use a hydrating serum to boost hydration. I also drink lots of water.

4 What is your most important skincare step?

I think it’s drinking water. Water is the most important thing to keep your skin hydrated and feeling plump. When I am dehydrated I find I get black rings under my eyes and my skin dries out very badly and gets flaky and pimply. I think it’s really important to flush out toxins. In addition to this is sunscreen. I use it all year round, regardless of season.

5 What are your top tips for those wanting to keep active but avoid the gym (and keep their distance from others)?

Work out at home! Find an excellent home online program coached by an expert like TIFFXO.com. Let the coach do all the work for you. On TIFFXO, I write the workout, coach you through it, motivate you, get you over the finish line. All you need to do is to use your finger to press play on the video.

Home workouts are the future. You can do it when it suits you – between zoom calls, when kids are having nap time, before breakfast, you don’t even have to get dressed (I love doing TIFFXO in my pjs). You can also keep the routine and habit more consistent by taking out the time factors of worrying about showering at the gym, finding a carpark, squishing everything you own into a small locker, waiting for equipment to become available, sanitising equipment. The risk of getting sick is highly reduced and your motivation and consistency highly improved. Plus, you can have the support of the online fitness community that comes with it and post selfies to make yourself accountable to friends online and workout together.

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