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Take 5: Daniel Sloss

Globally renowned Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss has travelled to Australia from the land of the brave to tour his 11th comedy show, Hubris, across the country.

Sloss spoke to Canberra Weekly ahead of his performance at Canberra Theatre on Thursday 29 April; danielsloss.com

How did the opportunity to tour Australia come about in the midst of international border closures?

Daniel Sloss: I had my agents and managers beg the Australian Government every single day, like Andy Duffrain, sending two letters a day explaining how important it is for me to be loved by strangers in a foreign land. I agreed to admit that cricket is a sport, that Aussie Rules football isn’t stupid, that Melbourne coffee is the best in the world and that Hugh Jackman is the greatest man to walk the planet.

How have you passed time during your two-week quarantine?

DS: I’ve got a list of TV shows and movies that I could never get my fiancée to watch, and I’m taking over my Xbox. I also really like the idea of emerging like Tom Hanks in Cast Away so I might not shower, I won’t shave and I’ll have sex with a volleyball (even though that scene isn’t in the movie, Tom Hanks’ character did indeed engage in several bouts of leathery, sandy coitus with Wilson and I’m pretty sure that love story is what finally pushed you guys over the edge into legalising gay marriage).

Daniel Sloss
Acclaimed Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss brings his Australian tour of his new show Hubris to Canberra Theatre at the end of April. Photo: Troy Edige.

Hubris is your 11th show; looking back how has your comedy developed over your career?

DS: Back then, my ego was an adorable thing. Large and ill-fitting on someone barely out of his teens trying to make it in the world. Now, I’m a tyrannical monster of narcissism and have really grown into this God complex, which I shan’t be shedding anytime soon. I also now get way more enjoyment out of upsetting people. I remember years ago if I ever had a walk-out it would eat away at me, I’d try desperately to change my material to suit everyone. Now I take every walk-out as a victory. It’s like cultivating your garden; you’ve got to get rid of the weeds and the dogsh*t to be able to fully appreciate the flowers that stayed.

From your observations, what makes Australian comedy different or unique?

DS: You mean besides your silly little accent? You guys are great at political humour and I think that’s because your government is hilarious. Massive props for being the only country in the world where the word “Liberal” doesn’t even come close to actually meaning “Liberal”. In the same way that the Nazis were a “socialist” party.

Have you performed in Canberra before?

DS: I have performed in Canberra before. It’s always been great. I also went to your parliament for a bit just to see if there was anything funny or amusing that I could talk about on stage. There was not. So, I just stuck to saying horrible things that I only half meant to try and wind you all up, and you only went ahead and laughed at it all. So, I can’t wait to come back.

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