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Take 5: Dami Im

It didn’t take Korean-Australian songstress Dami Im long to establish herself as one of the most versatile singer-songwriters in the land. After winning season five of The X-Factor in 2013, Im placed second in Eurovision 2016, receiving global acclaim. We ‘take 5’ with the talented performer prior to her show at Canberra Southern Cross Club Woden on 31 August; damiim.com

1. Earlier this year you released The Live Sessions EP, what do you love about performing live with a piano?

When I perform live anything can happen. It’s not just me – it’s the audience, it’s the room, it’s the vibe that’s on stage with the band. I love that aspect of spontaneity, that is a lot of fun and it makes it really special, that it’s only going to be that one time.

2. You’ve performed around the world in all kinds of venues to crowds big and small. What are the differences between performing a stadium gig versus an intimate venue?

They feel very different to me in that for a stadium show or Eurovision, I focus more on how to do an impressive big performance in order to excite and impress people. At smaller venues, the focus is more on the connection with the people in the room and that immediate reaction that I can see on the faces of the people in the front row.

3. How do you go about writing songs and creating music?

Sometimes I get random inspiration from unexpected things in the middle of the night that I have to get up and write down, or it can be when I’m walking. One of the first songs I wrote when I was at school was on the bus and thought ‘I want to write this’. I have to set time each day to focus on writing and, even if I don’t feel like it, I try to make it a habit.

4. What’s one thing about performing at Eurovision that would surprise people?

People see three minutes of each performer and performance, but the preparation, we do about five or six actual performances in the same format with audiences and everything. Heaps of people get to see it before it even makes it on to the TV screen, and I didn’t know that before I went on.

5. Who are some of your musical influences, and have you ever had a chance to meet them?

When I went on X-Factor meeting Danni and Kylie Minogue was awesome. I grew up with my friends listening to their music and that was my introduction to the Australian culture and learning English, so to meet them was an out-of-body experience. I also got to meet my K-pop idol I was obsessed with called Boa; that was an amazing experience.

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