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Sleep helps keep teens’ mental health on track

As families settle back into a new school year, sleep experts are reminding parents about the importance of teenagers getting enough sleep, cautioning them that insufficient sleep can negatively affect their mental health.

Review finds systemic change needed to address youth suicide in ACT

A report into youth suicide in the ACT offers seven recommendations to better support services, schools, family, peers and create systemic change.

Fears for young detainees’ safety, officers lack ‘basic practical training’

A new report reviewing the ACT Court Transport Unit (CTU) reveals CTU officers expressed discomfort about a lack of training when it came to using force or restraints on children and young people in their care, which can be fatal when administered incorrectly.

Equity and discrimination main concerns for ACT’s youth

Young people in the ACT have identified equity and discrimination, COVID-19, and the environment as their top concerns in a survey this year.

Youth mental health awareness program wins award

The Black Dog Institute’s partner Mental Illness Education ACT (MIEACT) have won 2020’s major mental health award for delivering the Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM) program to 2,300 students. Presented at schools...

Cruisin’ Café hits the street to help youth stay on track

A new Youth Mobile Training Van - aka Cruisin’ Cafe - has hit the streets of Canberra, thanks to a collaboration between Canberra PCYC, the Snow Foundation and local business and community...

Youth to stage more climate change protests in Canberra

Extinction Rebellion ACT will target Canberra’s peak hour traffic bringing the “Discobedience Dance Squad” to the Northbourne Avenue and Alinga Street intersection from 4pm to 5.30pm for a dance show and a chat with any interested parties.

ACT takes first step to raise criminal age

The ACT has taken the first step towards raising the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14 years, with a motion from the Greens committing the Government to consider the legislation...

One in four young Australians overweight or obese

A recent report has found certain demographics of children and adolescents are more likely to be overweight or obese than others.

Call on ACT Government to ‘Raise the Age’

The ACT’s youth, health, legal and community sector have criticised the Australian Attorneys-General “lack of leadership,” after the group failed to raise the criminal age of responsibility yesterday.

Local groups push to raise criminal age

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are imprisoned in the ACT at eight times the rate of their non-indigenous peers.

Millennials’ mental health suffering during pandemic

Young Australians’ mental health has taken a turn under the COVID-19 pandemic with those under 35 experiencing a spike in “severe psychological distress”, according to the Australian National University (ANU). A study from...