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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Local winery turns smoke-tainted grapes into gin

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But what about when life gives you smoke-tainted grapes? Well, according to Four Winds Vineyard, you make gin! Canberra’s...

We Love Local festival unites fine produce and performers

Gundaroo vineyard Tallagandra Hill Winery have decided it was time to start celebrating local artists by establishing the We Love Local Festival.

Food for thought: We Love Local Festival

Tallagandra Hill Winery are celebrating coming out of isolation with the We Love Local Festival, featuring a program of entertainment options.

COVID-19 has changed the restaurant game. Forever?

As we start to see the light at the end of the coronavirus restrictions tunnel - at least in the ACT - restaurants and cafés are looking to the future as they reopen and attempt to navigate ever-changing requirements.

The perfect wine pairing

While you certainly don’t have to do wine pairing with your food, it can make for a fun (and delicious) addition to your dinner party.

5 things you need for an isolation Easter spread

With a staycation the order of the day as we all 'holiday at home' this Easter, there's no reason we can't still have some fun and celebrate in style.

Smoke taint spoils 2020 vintage

A number of Canberra region winemakers are opting not to harvest fruit for vintage 2020 due to smoke taint from the recent bushfires. Amongst...

Lower-alcohol wines, Good Food Month

The latest in foodie news, events and products. Ready for a ‘summer session’, Crafters Union has released ‘In Session’ – a range...

Local wine goes international

Capital region winemakers Tallagandra Hill have exported a number of their acclaimed wines to Northern Ireland, in a win for the local wine industry that continues to garner widespread recognition.