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Get your skates on because RollerFit is rollin’ into Canberra

RollerFit ACT is coming to town, with classes commencing 8 April. The fitness class on skates combines skills from a range of disciplines.

Grants to get outdoors and stay active

Local organisations can apply for funding for new outdoor equipment, nature play spaces, or learning to ride a bike or camping.

Building your wellbeing

You know the saying, “your body keeps the score”? It's the idea that if we treat our body with kindness, it will repay us with good health.

Keeping busy isn’t the best way to stay sane in quarantine

One year into the pandemic mandatory quarantine remains a common occurrence in the ACT, and a new RMIT University study reveals keeping busy may not be the best way to cope with...

Super charge your holidays for relaxation

Here are some suggestions to super charge your holidays so that when work rolls around again, you’re feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Time to recharge

Holidays are knocking on the door and soon any families will have some quality time together to rest and recharge the batteries.

Good, dirty fun … in the garden

With all the spring rain we had in Canberra, you may like to know there is considerable evidence that gardening is good for your health.

Life in lockdown: health-wise, it’s better than you think

While Victorians continue to endure restrictions from a second wave of COVID-19, new research from the University of South Australia is providing much-needed good news about people’s overall health and wellbeing following lockdown.

Key principles of purposeful breathing

The new book 'Purposeful Breathing' by Dr Greg Smith is a masterclass in taking control of your mind and body using your breath.

Your very own oasis

Design an outdoor space infused with calming materials to promote mental wellbeing in the age of coronavirus.

Calls for peer-led services for LGBTIQ+ community

The Chief Executive Officer of Meridian (formerly the AIDS Action Council of the ACT) has called for a peer-led service for LGBTIQ+ people to access health and wellbeing services in the ACT. Philippa...

5 tips to help you implement healthy habits

The key to implementing healthy habits is to keep them simple, easy and time efficient.
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