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Saturday, November 28, 2020

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Mother and son helping teachers win the grammar wars

After 27 years of teaching English and grammar at CIT and UC, along with PhD research on grammar teaching, Margaret McBride decided to help teachers get confident teaching grammar - everything from modal auxiliaries to complex sentences.

COVID-19 could herald a change for educators, despite survey showing high levels of stress, burnout

While the swift change to online learning has seen principals and teachers putting in more hours, researchers suggest there could be a silver lining for educators across Australia as parents and students develop a new respect for them.

Education union cautious about reopening schools

As the Barr Government works towards reopening public schools to students, the Australian Education Union (AEU) ACT warn against moving too quickly.

Early learning and child care sectors fear mass closures

Mass service closures could be on the horizon for the early learning and child care sector if the Federal Government doesn’t step in with further support.

ACT pupil-free school days introduced ‘smoothly’

Earlier this week, ACT schools began pupil-free days to prepare for a range of online and remote learning delivery options that will be adopted come term 2.