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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Tag: space

Supergiant star Betelgeuse may not be so giant after all

A new study led by Dr Meridith Joyce from the ANU shows the giant red star Betelgeuse is both smaller and closer to Earth than previously thought.

Mammoth collision of ‘impossible’ black holes detected

The most massive black hole collision ever detected has been directly observed by the LIGO and VIRGO Scientific Collaboration.

Satellite ready to launch from UNSW Canberra campus

A satellite developed and tested by engineers at UNSW Canberra Space is in its final testing stages before its planned launch in early 2021.

Questacon reopens with launch to outer space

Canberra’s favourite one-stop science destination will reopen its doors this week, launching its new Mission to Mars experience.

One small step for UC space research

UC have received a grant to aid in developing equipment to improve the performance and rehabilitation of astronauts returning to Earth.

Remembering region’s rich space history

Most people remember where they were when man first walked on the Moon. For ACT Minister for Heritage, Mick Gentleman, that was at his father’s side. Mr Gentleman’s father was a super tech...