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Sunday, July 25, 2021


New ACT Cat Plan calls for cat containment, registration

Cat owners will be required to contain their cats and register them under a new plan the ACT Government released today that is designed to help cats live longer and healthier lives while better protecting native wildlife.

RSPCA ACT holds ageing facilities together with ‘love and passion, spit and Blu Tack’

RSPCA ACT CEO Michelle Robertson wants progress on an election promise to help fund upgrades to the animal shelter, where most buildings are over 45 years old.

Offender in cat boarding house burglary identified

A 39-year-old Coombs man has been identified by ACT Policing as the person they believe was responsible for a burglary at the RSPCA ACT's cat boarding house in Weston on Saturday 17 April.

Police search for possible cat burglar after RSPCA break in

ACT Policing is asking for public assistance to identify a man seen in CCTV footage outside the RSPCA ACT cat boarding house on Saturday 17 April.

Draft cat plan to review containment legislation

The subject of cat containment is being considered by the ACT Government including community comments on a draft cat plan. According to the Draft ACT Cat Plan 2019-29, the expansion of cat containment...

Keeping your pets cool this weekend

With a heatwave set to hit the Capital, spare a thought for your furry friends! They feel the heat, too, and just like us, can suffer from heatstroke. So, it’s vital that...

Not sharing is caring when it comes to festive food and pets, RSPCA ACT warns

It’s hard to say no when a four-legged friend looks so cute begging for a bite from your plate, which is why RSPCA ACT is sending a friendly public service announcement that festive foods have the potential to make pets seriously sick.

$99 adult cat adoptions at RSPCA ACT

Four-year-old cat Wallace has been at the RSPCA for more than 100 days and is hoping to find his purrfect, forever home before Christmas. RSPCA ACT is making adult cats, Wallace included,...

Paws for thought: ‘adopt, don’t shop’ this Christmas

Giving a second chance of happiness, spending less money and bragging rights are some of the benefits RSPCA ACT are reminding Canberrans of when it comes to adopting, not shopping, a pet.

The icing on the cake: get baking for RSPCA Cupcake Day

It’s that time of year again when we whip up our best baking creations in the name of a good cause - RSPCA Cupcake Day.

RSPCA ACT remind Canberrans to desex pets as kitten season starts

September is National Desexing Month and RSPCA ACT is reminding all pet owners to desex their pets as "kitten season" starts.

Helping pets cope with return to work

Working from home has been a great opportunity to bond with our pets, but as life slowly returns to normal, it’s important to help pets adjust to a life at home without...

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