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Double demerits for dangerous driving start tonight

For the next week and a half, traffic offenders will receive double demerits as police attempt to stop dangerous driving on our roads.

Kings Highway partnership launched ahead of summer mass migration

ACT Policing and the Kings Highway Road Safety Partnership have today launched their annual campaign targeting drivers.

Review your Survival Plan when travelling, ACTESA tells Canberrans

All Canberrans travelling outside the Territory these holidays should review their Survival Plan, the ACT Emergency Services advises.

Choose road safety this Christmas, ACT drivers warned

Christmas is one of the most dangerous times on Australian roads, authorities say – and more people than ever will be driving these holidays.

ACT Policing cracks down on early morning speeding hotspots

The operation came just two weeks after local law enforcement revealed they had already handed out more speeding fines in 2020 than the total number issued in 2019.

Drivers on Canberra roads behaving badly

Several drivers on Canberra roads - including one travelling at twice the speed limit - will have fines to pay after a weekend where ACT Policing’s Road Policing officers responded to multiple offences.

Two new high-tech BMWs join ACT Road Policing fleet

ACT Policing has acquired two new BMW X3M40i vehicles for road policing fitted with cutting-edge Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems.

2020 ACT speeding fines overtake 2019 total

In the past 10 months, ACT Policing have issued 4,093 speeding fines, overtaking the 2019 annual total of 4,056 infringements.

ACT drivers well behaved over grand final weekend

ACT drivers were on their best behaviour over the grand final weekend, with only one driver exceeding the legal limit from 1292 tests.

NRMA calls for traffic revenue to be directed to road safety projects

The NRMA has called on the winner of the ACT election to direct traffic revenue to to road safety projects via a Community Road Safety Fund.

Police seek potential witness to head-on collision in Hawker

Two drivers and one pedestrian are in hospital following two separate collisions on Canberra roads this morning, Monday 12 October.

Four drivers caught for high range speeding over long weekend

ACT Road Policing issued 183 Traffic Infringement Notices over the October long weekend, including 106 motorists detected for speeding.