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Ian Cubitts
Ian Cubitts

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Horoscopes: 26 March – 1 April 2020

Celebrity birthday Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson) 27 March 1975 Other people will be amazed at the scope of Fergie’s imagination which will make them even hungrier for what she has to offer. But first, she needs to check that...

Horoscopes: 19-25 March 2020

Celebrity birthday - Reese Witherspoon 22 March 1976 Reese is focused on her ambitions and reaching her targets in 2020. However, she must be careful of overloading her schedule otherwise there will be some loud protests...

Horoscopes: 12-18 March 2020

Celebrity birthday - Lily Collins 18 March 1989 Throughout 2020, Lily must avoid trying to be perfect or to aim for perfection by chopping and changing her mind. Instead of aiming for the impossible, she needs...

Horoscopes: 05-11 March 2020

Celebrity birthday - Eva Mendes 5 March 1974 Eva needs to learn to be proud of just how much she has achieved instead of thinking that she could have done bigger and better. Certainly, 2020 brings more...