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Friday, May 14, 2021

Tag: Plants

5 top tips to create an eco-friendly bathroom

Keeping up with the latest bathroom trends is not just about aesthetics but creating a more eco-friendly and sustainable space. Minimise your impact on the planet without sacrificing style or quality with these...

Reviving green desk-mates

As offices re-open, many employees have returned to their desks to discover that their once well-tended workplace plants may not have stood up too well to the stresses of isolation.

This week in the garden

Winter is the ideal time to plant and transplant deciduous trees, shrubs, berry canes and similar, as they are dormant and stress is kept to a minimum.

3 tips to create a healing haven at home

Greenery and natural surroundings are good for both your physical and mental health, with a 30-minute session of garden therapy great for releasing stress and unwinding. Gardening can help you to remain positive, healthy, in touch...

Four to know: Plant guide

Terry and Mia’s garden, which I discussed last week, features anastonishing range of plant types. Here are some of the plants that feature throughout the beautifully landscaped property: 1. Teucrium fruticans, commonly known as...

Whole plant use: root to bloom

Root to Bloom is a fascinating journey into whole plant use. Root to Bloom is a delightful and informative book with a focus on whole plant use, an age old approach often overlooked...
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