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Annual registration required under new ACT dog laws

City Services Minister Chris Steel said the laws would make it easier to reunite lost dogs with their owners, keep track of dangerous dogs and enforce the Territory’s domestic animal laws.

ACT takes first step to raise criminal age

The ACT has taken the first step towards raising the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14 years, with a motion from the Greens committing the Government to consider the legislation...

Most Canberrans want truth in political advertising laws

New research from the Australia Institute shows overwhelming public support in the ACT for truth in political advertising laws, with nine out of 10 ACT residents (89%) agreeing that the ACT should pass such laws.

Call on ACT Government to ‘Raise the Age’

The ACT’s youth, health, legal and community sector have criticised the Australian Attorneys-General “lack of leadership,” after the group failed to raise the criminal age of responsibility yesterday.

New recreational cannabis laws explained

As of 31 January, the possession, cultivation and consumption of small amounts of cannabis for recreational use by adults is legal in the ACT. This is how the new system works. The Drugs...

Religious exemptions to helmet laws

Changes to the ACT’s road rules are now in effect, providing an exemption to mandatory helmet laws on religious grounds. The exemption, which commenced in December 2019, was sparked by correspondence from...
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