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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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Kid friendly workouts

With the new school term under way, and it looking like the kids will be home schooled for some of it, it’s a good idea to think about how to...

Nest in peace: Nursery know-how

When it comes to designing your baby’s nursery, CW Home editor Allison Turnbull has pulled together some expert tips to ensure the transition is as seamless – and stylish –...

Fashion in miniature

Our Fashion and Beauty Editor Libby Kimber has put together a few Autumn fashion picks for your little ones as the weather gets colder.

Fun Easter recipe to make with the kids

Stave off those isolation blues with this cute and fun Easter recipe to make with the kids! Get them having fun in the kitchen cooking up...

Fun ways to keep the kids entertained

Looking for some inspiration to help keep the kids entertained in the confines of home – as well as off devices and outdoors soaking up much-needed Vitamin D?

Cooking with kids: pancakes

Kids stuck at home, bored? Get them into the kitchen to help you whip up an all-time classic – pancakes. Thick and fluffy strawberry pikelets

Kids need calm not chaos amid COVID-19

Elbow bumps in lieu of high-fives, segregated lunchtimes and hand hygiene - they’re all a part of our children’s new reality in response to COVID-19.

School holidays sleep routines important

There are lots of positives that come with school holidays but hand-in-hand with the holidays comes irregular sleep, which can have impact children’s behaviours and abilities to operate well at school.

Green initiative creates kids’ play pieces

Canberra Backyards, a new business on the scene in the ACT, is impressing parents and children alike with its ‘raw range’ of children’s play pieces. Michelle Templin...