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Monday, March 1, 2021

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Opposition politicians criticise JobSeeker changes

Labor and Green politicians have condemned yesterday’s JobSeeker increase of $3.50 a day as inadequate and insulting.

JobSeeker payment to increase by $50 a fortnight

JobSeeker payments are set to rise by just over $3 a day in the largest permanent increase in the unemployment benefit since the mid-1980s. Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s announcement today, Tuesday 23 February,...

Canberra job seeker uses Coronavirus Supplement to invest in health

The Coronavirus Supplement allowed Tiffany Lee to break out of a ten-year "cycle of hopelessness" and improve her health.

Cutting JobSeeker ‘cruel and damaging’: ACTCOSS

The St Vincent de Paul Society and the ACT Council of Social Services (ACTCOSS) have expressed disappointment in the Federal Government’s decision to make further cuts to the JobSeeker COVID-19 supplement.

Indigenous artists miss out in Budget

Despite an uncertain art market, the cancellation of the visual art calendar’s major events and the loss of international tourist sales, already struggling Indigenous artists are among those to miss out in...

People more worried by money than coronavirus

Financial stress during lockdown has had a greater cost on people’s mental health than exposure to COVID-19 itself and cuts to the rate of JobKeeper and JobSeeker could create further damage for...

Pandemic welfare reduces gap between rich and poor

New University of Canberra research has discovered a reduction in income inequity during the pandemic - meaning the gap between the richest and poorest has shrunk - and they have put it down to increased welfare payments.

JobSeeker cuts to impact over 1,000 Canberra jobs

Cutting the JobSeeker rate on 25 September could result in a loss of up to 1,120 full-time equivalent jobs in Canberra, according to a recent study.

Dire rental snapshot prompts calls to raise welfare rates

Anglicare's mid-year Rental Affordability Snapshot update painted a grim picture of housing affordability nationally.

JobSeeker cuts to affect 23,000 Canberrans

ACTCOSS is urging the Federal Government to reconsider its proposed changes to JobSeeker rates next month, which are set to affect 23,000 Canberrans.

COVID support payment changes ‘distressing news’

The ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS) has put its support behind its national colleagues in the push to maintain a higher unemployment welfare rate, after an announcement from the Federal Government today.

Rental snapshot paints grim picture amidst pandemic

The annual Rental Affordability Snapshot from Anglicare has once again highlighted the lack of affordable housing for low income households in the ACT and Queanbeyan. This year’s report comes as people grapple with...