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Highgrove Bathrooms
Highgrove Bathrooms

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ACT public housing properties need repair, Canberra Liberals say

Most Canberrans would be horrified to see the state of many ACT public housing properties, and the ACT Government hasn’t done anything to fix them, the Canberra Liberals claim.

Paying off a home loan used to be easier than it looked. It’s now harder. Here’s why

Paying off a home loan used to be easier due to wage rises once taking care of repayments, writes ANU visiting fellow Peter Martin.

Aboriginal homes for the elderly to be built in Dickson

An Aboriginal smoking ceremony was held this morning at the construction site for a Ngunnawal elderly housing complex.

Federal Budget: Housing

The Budget promises to help first home owners and single parents buy houses - but social services say it does nothing for the poorest people.

‘An end to misery’: ACT Government calls for new housing accessibility standards

A proposed new national requirement for mandatory accessibility standards in the National Construction Code will allow Australians living with physical disabilities to have more freedom in their own homes. ACT Minister for Sustainable...

House prices are climbing alright, but not for the reason you might think

It’s tempting to think home prices are soaring because there aren’t enough homes, but that can’t explain the takeoff from about 2000.

Calls for Federal ‘financial firepower’ to curb worsening ACT housing crisis

Homelessness is predicted to rise by 7.8% in the ACT this year, and housing stress will increase by 23.7%, according to new figures from Everybody’s Home.

Public housing shortage an ‘absolute disgrace’, Canberra Liberals say

The Canberra Liberals say it is “an absolute disgrace” that thousands of people were waiting years for housing, while more than 400 properties were empty.

Older women at higher risk of finance, housing, health issues

The Council on Ageing ACT (COTA) is choosing to challenge the constellation of issues women face as they age, which place them at heightened risk of homelessness and financial insecurity.

Longer waiting lists for ACT public housing this year

Waiting lists for public housing in the ACT could increase this year due to the economic impacts of COVID-19, Minister Vassarotti said..

Betty holds the keys to one of 20 new public housing units in Dickson

Residents of a new 20-unit public housing development near the Dickson shops began moving in this week.

Liberals’ suggestions for easing housing stress knocked back

Liberals MLA Mark Parton proposed measures last week to ease housing stress in Canberra, the most expensive Australian city to rent in.
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