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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tag: From the editor

From the editor: Active neighbourhoods

Is it just me, or have you noticed many more folk, particularly families, out walking, cycling, riding scooters in your neighbourhood lately? Clearly, it’s not just me, as the ACT Government has...

From the editor: Welcome rainy weather

What a difference a week makes. From record high February temperatures one sweltering, tinder dry (the adjective, not the dating app) weekend to the welcome relief of remarkably cooler, rainy weather the...

From the editor: A hazy New Year

Starlog, Summer 2019/2020 - A hazy New Year Day 66: The smokewave has returned, again; bushfires continue to burn in southern ACT and along the NSW coast. I seem to exist in timewarp...

From the editor: Sailing in Tasmania

Thanks to friends in the Canberra Ocean Racing Club, lucky me spent last week on sailing in Tasmania, along the coastline south of Hobart. There, our motley crew enjoyed visiting quaint coastal...

From the editor: A strange summer

Catching up with a friend over lunch, we were reflecting on what a strange summer this one has turned out to be. Staying indoors far more than usual this time of year as the...
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