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Honouring ACT’s emergency services for the first time since the bushfires

A memorial service today honoured the courage and sacrifice of fire and emergency services personnel who have died in the line of duty.

Another riot at Canberra’s prison

The Alexander Maconochie Centre, ACT’s troubled prison, was the scene of another riot this week. Investigations continue.

Aboriginal homes for the elderly to be built in Dickson

An Aboriginal smoking ceremony was held this morning at the construction site for a Ngunnawal elderly housing complex.

Care for young people should be extended to 21

Young people should be able to remain in care until they turn 21, politicians decided, rather than being kicked out of care when they turn 18.

Car parks or consultation for Yerrabi Pond

The government planned more car parks for Yerrabi Pond eight years ago. Will $300,000 for improvements include those car parks?

Tax exemptions for landlords who provide cheaper rentals

The ACT Government has indefinitely extended land tax exemptions for landlords who rent their properties at less than 75% market rates.

Police find suspicious item at city station, no threat to public

ACT Policing tactical and bomb response teams have examined a suspicious item, with wiring attached, and found no threat to public safety.

Assembly’s electricity Bill makes ACT electricity bills cheaper

70,000 ACT households stand to gain by up to $400 a year, now a bill for Canberrans to get better energy deals has passed the Assembly.

Bigger supermarkets will help smaller shops

Supermarkets can have more floor space to make local shopping centres more viable, the government has announced.

Legislative reform necessary for domestic violence

ACT laws must be changed to ensure tougher sentences for people convicted of domestic or family violence, local politicians agree.

Federal Budget invests in ACT roads and infrastructure

The Federal Government has allocated $167.3 million in the Budget to co-fund work on Canberra’s roads and light rail with the ACT Government.

What do you think about ACT school infrastructure? Tell the government

Canberrans concerned about ACT school infrastructure have another week to let the government's Standing Committee know.
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