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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Tag: bikes

Transport Strategy outlines plan over next 20 years

The ACT Transport Strategy 2020 was released earlier this week, outlining the vision for transport in Canberra over the next 20 years.

ACT e-bike trial up and pedalling

Ever wondered what your lifestyle might look like with an electric bike (aka e-bike) in it?

Religious exemptions to helmet laws

Changes to the ACT’s road rules are now in effect, providing an exemption to mandatory helmet laws on religious grounds. The exemption, which commenced in December 2019, was sparked by correspondence from...

Bikes providing independence

Girls on Bikes, a Canberra-based NGO, is mobilising migrant and refugee women in the ACT by providing a free learn to ride program. Bike riding enables independence, mobility, fitness and strength, according to...