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Sunday, May 16, 2021

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Hawkish talk of ‘drums of war’ not in Australia’s interests

The Australian people do not want to go to war with China and politicians pushing Australia are not doing so in the interests of the Australian people, argues Annette Brownlie, chair of the Independent and Peaceful Australian Network.

New tests lie ahead for Anzac spirit

With news of the royal commission into veteran suicide still rolling across the airwaves, I found myself last weekend in Bundanoon.

Flights from India paused as Australia sends emergency medical supplies

Direct passenger flights between India and Australia have been paused as part of the Australian Government's new measures to protect Australians from the increased risk of the COVID-19 outbreak in India.

COVID-19 cost more in 2020 than the world’s combined natural disasters in any of the past 20 years

What was the total cost of the COVID-19 pandemic last year? more than the world’s combined natural disasters in any of the past 20 years.

50 simple pleasures that spark joy for Aussies

New data has revealed Australians’ top 50 pleasures in life, with sleeping in a freshly made bed, a nice dinner and payday in the top 10.

Report alleges Australia engaged in illegal shark fin dealings

A recent report has alleged fins from endangered hammerhead sharks caught in Australian waters are possibly being illegally traded to international partners.

A toy story: Jack Little’s big collection up for grabs

The late Jack Little made up for the absence of toys in his childhood by becoming a serious collector of thousands of valuable and rare toys.

What does it take to win an Australian bravery award?

Saving people from fires, car crashes, violent incidents and treacherous waters were dominant themes among descriptions of the incidents that warranted an Australian Bravery Award.

ACT unemployed workers advocate for 1.4 million Australians

Advocates are demanding income support payments be increased to $80 per day for unwaged, underemployed and insecure workers.

Chinese investment in Australia plunges to record low

Chinese investment in Australia fell by over 61% in 2020, according to new data from the Chinese Investment in Australia Database (CHIIA) at the ANU.

To the editor: Our economy intertwined with China

Oh well, Katter has an opinion, writes C. Wright of Canberra. Our economy is intertwined with China. Australia and China have a history of mutual benefit.

Letter to the editor: ‘We can live without China’

"We can live without China; the proof is in the pudding" argues Bob Katter, Kennedy MP, and says there are other markets in Asia to focus on.
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