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Young women more reluctant to have COVID-19 vaccination

ung women aged 18–24 years have shown to be the most reluctant demographic in Australia to get vaccinated against COVID-19, according to a new study released today by the Australian National University.

ANU study: Indigenous women left behind in cervical cancer elimination

Australia is tracking to become one of the first countries to eliminate cervical cancer, but Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women will miss out unless we act urgently to change this, according to a new study.

Scientists show drought-tolerant crops need skin in the game

Scientists have found a way to precisely measure a plant’s water loss through its skin.

$30 million deal will see tiny med tech made in Australia

The ANU is one of four partners in a new $30 million deal that will see WearOptimo’s potentially life-saving Microwearable sensor technology be made in Australia.

Darknet takedowns disrupt drugs markets

Darknet takedowns by cross-border law enforcement operations make opioids scarcer but more expensive, a new report from the ANU states.

Fatal flaw in parasite’s armour could be used to treat malaria

Researchers from ANU have exposed a fatal flaw in the deadly parasite that causes malaria which could potentially be used to treat one of the world’s biggest killers.

Racing with the sun: ANU Solar Racing Team prepares for a new year

Located in a small shed in the heart of the Australian National University’s (ANU) science precinct, the university’s solar racing team prepares to compete using the sun. Founded in 2015 by students, the...

Chinese investment in Australia plunges to record low

Chinese investment in Australia fell by over 61% in 2020, according to new data from the Chinese Investment in Australia Database (CHIIA) at the ANU.

Male lyrebirds use clever mimicry to lure females

Male lyrebirds use clever mimicry to increase their chances of sexual success, according to a new study involving researchers from The Australian National University.

ANU invention may help prevent deaths caused by blood clots

In a world first, the Australian National University (ANU) has invented a biomedical device to measure a blood clot’s “stickiness” and “optically weigh” it, to assess a person’s disease risk. The new portable...

Experts and insecure workers speak out against Fair Work Amendment Bill

Canberran researchers, students and unions warn the proposed changes will cause an increase in casual employment and erode workers' rights.

Female patronage supporting women in the arts

HERE I AM festival showcases some of Australia’s best contemporary female creative talent, celebrating the importance and power of patronage.
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