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Tag: Alcohol

New project supports middle-aged ACT women to avoid risky alcohol use

A project to discourage “risky levels” of drinking amongst middle-aged ACT women launches this week, using an online tool to intervene.

New alcohol guidelines: no more than 10 drinks a week

New alcohol guidelines from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) stipulate Australians should drink no more than 10 standard drinks a week and four standard drinks a day, for both...

Study shows majority reduced drinking, but alcohol-fueled harm on rise

A university study says two-thirds of people have decreased or made no change to alcohol consumption during the pandemic, but frontline services are reporting increased levels of alcohol-fueled harm.

1 in 3 Canberra males want to reduce alcohol consumption

Nearly one-third of Canberra males want to reduce their alcohol consumption in the next year, a Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education survey of 500 Canberrans has found.

Poll finds Canberrans consuming most alcohol at home

An annual alcohol poll has shown three-quarters (76%) of ACT residents consume alcohol most frequently at home rather than in social settings such as pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Backlash on new alcohol health warning label

Local companies are frustrated with the lack of consultation in the lead up to a new mandatory pregnancy health warning on alcohol that was decided on Friday 17 July.

Former ANU student sues college for failing duty of care

A former ANU student has accused John XXIII College of a culture of excessive drinking during 2014-2015.

Are you sober curious?

Alcohol is ingrained in our culture as a way of relaxing, celebrating and having a good time. It can also become a crutch that we rely on to switch off and unwind...

Man caught going 177 km/h, returned positive drugs and alcohol tests

A 21-year-old Dunlop man was caught going 97 km/h over the speed limit while also testing positive for drugs and alcohol.

Mum-to-be Kristen Davidson champions Pregnant Pause

Popular Canberra radio personality Kristen Davidson will champion the ACT Pregnant Pause campaign again this year, this time as a first-time mum-to-be.

Concern for drinkers increasing intake from ‘high base’: study

A new study from the Australian National University shows more people have decreased their alcohol intake during the coronavirus crisis than increased.

Disordered eating: young women ‘offsetting’ alcohol calories

Research from the University of South Australia has found university students are engaging in patterns of disordered eating, with a number of young women reporting skipping meals, purging or exercising to offset their calorific intake from alcohol.
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