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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Tackling tyres with fast feet

Over the last few columns I’ve shared some tips to master different obstacles and ramp up your training. This week, we’ll tackle tyres and the concept of fast feet.

When navigating tyres, the challenge is to successfully step through each obstacle, try not to fall over, keep up your speed and complete it as fast as you can.

With fast feet you need to keep yourself moving through as fast as you can – you do this by a high knee lift while you are running through the tyres and by keeping a good spring in your step – nearly running on your toes. If you don’t keep a high knee lift, you have the potential to clip your feet as you are moving forward and fall.

If you do lose your balance, it’s important to know how to break a fall and land safely. The last thing you want is a twisted ankle or, if you don’t break your fall properly, break an arm.


  • While you are doing fast feet, really focus on your foot position as you are running/stepping through each hole of the tyres. Move with purpose and a good speed.
  • If you trip or fall, do not put your hand out to break your fall; instead break your fall by landing on your side. Why? There is more padding on your side of your body than your wrist or arm. Once you have broken your fall, take a good breath and look around making sure you haven’t tripped anyone else up and you’re not in anyone’s way before you stand back up and continue moving.


  1. Walking on the spot – knees up to and level with your waist x 1 min
  2. Jogging on the spot – knees up to and level with you waist x 1 min
  3. Skipping x 1min
  4. Step-ups (left leg) x 1 min
  5. Step-ups (right leg) x 1 min
  6. Up and downs – lie down on your front, roll onto your back, then back to front, and stand up x 5
  7. Jogging on the spot x 1 min
  8. Plank x 1 min

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