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Monday, April 12, 2021

Super charge your holidays for relaxation

Hopefully, you’ve booked yourself some holidays over the silly season and have planned some much-needed downtime. If you have, here are some suggestions to super charge your holidays so that when work rolls around again, you’re feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Have some shoes off time

Kicking your shoes off really gets the relaxing mood started (except if you’re on a plane, in which case it just makes others uncomfortable!). If you’re on a coast holiday, it just feels natural but even if you’re having a staycation, try going barefoot about your house and in your garden and feel the relaxation kick in.

Read an actual book

Stuck looking at a screen most days?  It’s time to go old school and visit your bookstore or library and find some holiday reading. Like to keep abreast of the news whilst you’re away? No worries! Indulge in a printed newspaper (or that quality local magazine you love!) and take the time to read it at a leisurely pace. Books and newspapers also make excellent sun shades for impromptu afternoon naps.

Get creative

Find that set of watercolour paints that sits at the back of the cupboard and try your hand at painting a still life, make some playdough, bake some gingerbreads biscuits and try not to eat them all whilst you have fun decorating them. Being in ‘creative mode’ is a great way to switch off your overworked analytical mind and get into the holiday spirit.

Get wet

Immersing yourself in water – whether that be at the beach, your local pool, one of Canberra’s wonderful river swimming spots or even the backyard sprinkler – is a surefire way to get you in summer holiday mode.

Be a kid again

What are your best memories from summer holidays as a kid? Now’s the time to re-enact these treasured moments. Eating watermelon or mangoes, listening to the cricket on the radio, watching a movie in the daytime, playing beach volleyball, jumping on the trampoline, going for bike rides. Remember how summer days seems to stretch forever when you were a kid? That’s because you were playing all day.

Whatever your holiday plans, may they bring you rest, peace and joy and may the year ahead be a healthy and happy one.

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