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Summer legs are made in winter

These four leg exercisesare, to me, the best you can do; they will give you smoking hot legs for summer and help keep the winter blues away. Because it’s going to be a bit colder for the next few months, make sure you warm up for a good 10 minutes (this will also help burn a few extra winter calories).

Step-ups will target your legs and buttocks and will help you with your core strength and overall balance; these are great for starting your workout. When doing step-ups, you can use a step at your place, a kerb or any bench that is stable – the height can vary, but can be around knee-height (lower to start).

How to: Start in position at the front of a step or bench. Step up onto the step with the left leg, then right leg and stand up tall. Step down with the left leg followed by the right leg, back into the start position.

Toe taps will focus on your thighs and buttocks. You can use the same step or bench that you used for step-ups.

How to: Place your left foot on top of the step or bench; be sure to have your whole foot including your heel of your foot on the bench – this this is your anchor point. Then, with your right leg, push off the ground and straighten your left leg. Tap your right foot on the top of the bench and then lower it back down to the ground.

Standing calf raises are great for your balance and for bringing a spring to your step.

How to: Stand facing a wall, with your feet together. Standing around 20cm back from the wall, extend your arms and place your hands flat onto the wall. Rise up off your heels onto your toes, slide your hands up the wall as far as you can reach and hold the position on your toes for a few seconds. Lower your heels down to the ground.

Seated wall squats are a great leg burner – it always makes me smile when I give it to people as an exercise.

How to: Stand against a wall, keeping your back flat against the wall. Bend at your knees and lower yourself down against the wall, moving your feet out away from the wall as you lower, until your thighs are at a right angle with your upper body. Hold that position, pressing your hips and back into the wall.

You can mix up these four exercises in any order and you will have an amazing session. Create your workout around reps with a little run in between, and your legs will love it!


  • 10 mins walking/jogging
  • 20 step-ups each leg
  • 20 calf raises
  • 2 mins jogging
  • 20 toe taps each leg
  • 1 min wall squat
  • 2 mins jogging  

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