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Ian Cubitts
Ian Cubitts

Summer goals

To have a fit and fantastic summer, create a plan to help you achieve your goals. Make your goals realistic:

  • Start each day with a healthy eating option
  • Include a warm up and cool down in your daily training
  • Split your goals into morning goals, e.g. 10 push-ups, and evening, e.g. 10 squats
  • Record each session to track your progress
  • Share a goal with a training buddy
  • Reset your goals after you tick one off
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Set a weekly goal based on time available that week, e.g. if you’re busy at work, plan for a walking session before or after work
  • Build flexibility into your plan to allow for other activities
  • Allocate time in the am and pm for training (use one or both)
  • Have your training gear ready for the next day
  • Water, hat and sunscreen during the warmer months
  • In hot weather, shorten your workout and do a two-way split (cardio in the am, strength in the pm)
  • Know your workout area if you’re outside

AM cardio workout (25min)

  • 5 min walk
  • 5 min jog
  • 5 min skipping
  • 5 min step-ups (alt legs)
  • 5 min 20m shuttles (driveway to driveway)

PM strength workout (25 min)

  • Plank 40 sec on, 20 sec rest X 5 min
  • Bench press (medium weight) 20 reps, rest 30 sec X 5 min
  • Shoulder press (overhead) 20 reps, rest 30 sec X 5 min
  • Bicep curl 10 reps each arm, rest 30 sec X 5 min
  • Lunge walk 20m, rest 30 sec X 5 min

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