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Highgrove Bathrooms
Highgrove Bathrooms

Sue Webeck: My favourite things

Sue Webeck is a proud Canberran, having moved here when she was three. Sue started working in the community sector by chance, or accident, depending on how the story is told. Having stretched across a range of focus areas in her career including young people, out of home care, respectful relationships education, violence prevention and response as well as LGBTIQA+ services, one thing has been central: the idea that we need to contribute to the community we live in, that we all have the opportunity to connect with each other and use our skills, knowledge or experience to help make someone’s day a little better. Sue Webeck will be joining the Domestic Violence Crisis Service as their CEO from 1 June this year.

Being part of a family

I always wanted to be a mum but growing up as a queer kid I was pretty sure this was not possible. On our first date, my now wife and I discussed children and how that might be. Lucky us, we had amazing twins.

Sue Webeck family

A good bowtie

I am grateful that my wife and now my little ones often make me bowties, I love how they frame a shirt and often distract from the fact I haven’t ironed my shirt. 

My bike

Canberra is such a beautiful place and the ability to cycle most places I frequent enables me to get fresh air and sunshine most days. Even a rainy-day ride can boost my spirits.

red bicycle

A pair of glasses

Notwithstanding the fact I cannot see without them, I love how a pair of glasses can really step up an outfit. I do like to collect glasses to ensure maximum accessorising can take place.


Not really an object, but a sense of belonging and community connectedness enables me to work in complex areas. Knowing I have a strong and vibrant community to support me, really helps on those difficult days.


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Highgrove Bathrooms
Highgrove Bathrooms
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