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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Student-led exhibition hits Braddon

Braddon’s Adytum library will sport a new student-focused exhibition throughout December, thanks to a collaboration between the University of Canberra’s Faculty of Arts and Design and wellness brand, Adytum.

Launched on Thursday 27 November, the exhibition features two parts and showcase artworks that address the theme of sustainability.

Adytum founder Renee Douros said the exhibition shows how waste materials can be used as a resource.

“The concept for this collaboration came together very organically for both brands,” she said.

“Sustainability is a one of our core values at Adytum and we were not only curious to see how the students responded to their design brief, but to also provide them with a place to physically exhibit their works to the wider public.”

The first part of the exhibition, Artefact, features works from UC’s undergraduate students exploring materials as object and subject, and will run until 6 December.

Many of the works have been produced through domestic waste streams in students’ homes such as reconfigured plastic milk bottles or glass bottles.

The second part, Space, presents works from students in the faculty’s design postgraduate master studio in architecture and will run from 7 December until 20 December.

University of Canberra’s Faculty of Arts and Design lecturer, Sam Tomkins, said he was pleased to see the faculty involved in the collaboration.

“In what has been a year-of-the-webcam, this public exhibition has been a complete contrast to our expectations,” he said.

“Physical objects, exhibited tangibly, in a physical gallery, open to the public. It’s platform to share some of the positive stories emerging from Design in what has been a uniquely challenging time for our broader community.”

Two public lectures will accompany the exhibitions, one by Mr Tomkins and the other by Masters of Architecture Student, Nathan Pauletto.

“The lecture will also discuss how the conversation of ‘what are sustainable products?’ could be reimagined as ‘when everything is made from something that once was something else’,” Mr Tomkins said.

“It will explore creative techniques as a way of capturing and communicating individual perceptions of public space. These individual experiences are themselves a creative process, which could be described as the fusion of memory, perception and imagination,” Mr Pauletto added.   While each lecture will be open to a limited in-person audience, they will also be available for live streaming online. For more information, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/material-subject-tickets-129958931663

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